About me

Joséphine Cottet

“Interpret the beauty of a woman, respect her very own personality and age, create a unique masterpiece.

My art of Make-up excellence and teaching.

My own kind of Make-up excellence”.



Photo: Egle Berruti - Make-up: Joséphine Cottet

Joséphine Cottet


I grew up in the french part of Switzerland, now living in Ticino.


In life, I crossed many borders. I traveled the world to follow my passion. To experience a world of beauty. I started working when digital image corrections were still a utopia. At this time, I developed my precision and excellence.


With the focus on aesthetics, sophistication, personality, and observation, my concept is different from others.


After graduation from the COMPLECTIONS INTERNATIONAL LONDON SCHOOL OF MAKE-UP, I worked as an international freelancer.


London, Paris, Zurich, Ticino are the amazing places I lived in, refining my love for Make-Up. Particularly alongside my brother Alexandre Cottet, who worked as a professional fashion photographer. A perfect opportunity to observed the world of Make-Up closely. I was part of various international projects, with a focus on the high fashion, TV, advertising, and editorial scene.


MAISON DIOR sponsored me for over 10 years. And I have been selected for various advertising campaigns of LA BIOSTHETIQUE PARIS and GOLDWELL.


In 2000, I moved to Ticino, with a focus on hairstyling. Collaborating with L’Oréal, Schwarzkopf, and Goldwell, I realized my passion for teaching. 


In 2016, I accomplished the training for beauticians at MAKE-UP FOREVER in Paris, as well as the Editorial Master Pro at the PRO * LAB ACADEMY in Milan.


Nowadays, I realize my dream of Make-Up excellence through my teaching at the academy. With customized Make-Up courses for aspiring Make-Up artists & professionals.


Why are my Make-Up courses unique? You learn customized practice with a focus on the technical aspects of professional Make-Up. I share the hidden secrets of professionals. And you will gain knowledge about my absolute beauty concept.


“…Believe in your dreams, find support, and build a solid ground. Work until your dream comes true.”