About me

Joséphine Cottet

“Interpret the beauty of a woman, respect her very own personality and age, create a unique masterpiece.

My art of Make-up excellence and teaching.

My own kind of Make-up excellence”.



Photo: Egle Berruti - Make-up: Joséphine Cottet

Joséphine Cottet


I was raised in the French-speaking part of Switzerland and in the year 2000, I moved to the beautiful canton of Ticino.


I have been very fortunate to have a wonderful career that has taken me around the world and fulfilled a passion that I have been able to make a career of.


I am passionate about my work and nothing gives me greater pleasure than being able to share my experiences.


After graduating from the COMPLECTIONS INTERNATIONAL LONDON SCHOOL OF MAKE-UP I worked as a freelance makeup artist across the globe, working alongside many known names.


London, Paris, and Zurich are some of the amazing cities I have been lucky enough to live in expanding my love and passion for makeup.


My brother Alexandre Cottet, a professional fashion photographer nurtured my passion for makeup, and together we created stunning works for many international projects. A perfect opportunity for me to observe the world of makeup closely, leading to a very lucrative career focusing on high fashion, TV, advertising, and editorial work.


With the focus on aesthetics, sophistication, personality, and observation, my concept is unique and takes on a different edge from many others.


My work includes a 10-year sponsorship with MAISON DIOR and I have been selected for many various advertising campaigns including LA BIOSTETIQUE PARIS and GOLDWELL.


I am also a trained hairstylist, collaborating with L’OREAL, SCHWARZKOPF, and GOLDWELL.
Having offered make-up courses for their hairdressers, it is here I came to realize my newfound passion… teaching.


In 2016 I enriched my knowledge further by attending several high-quality courses including makeup training for beauticians at makeup FOREVER in Paris & Editorial Master Pro at PRO LAB in Milan.


My longtime dream of sharing my knowledge, experience and passion to the next generation of future make up artists and professionals of various levels has indeed became my reality.
The JC Make-up Academy in Lugano offers tailor-made and highly practical courses for everyone.


Why are my make up courses unique?


You will learn within my courses the customized practice of makeup focusing on the professional technical aspects.


I will share the hidden secrets of professionals allowing you to gain further knowledge about my absolute beauty concept.